Future-proof. Human. Personal.


Built to last.

Timeless designs based upon a comprehensive strategy. Together we make big strides with a low carbon footprint to impact your audience and not the environment.


You're not a robot.

We are not machines and your audience is no number on a chart. To win their hearts, your brand needs to be much more than data and SEO-rankings.


The power of three.

At Tijgerbrood, you and your project have our full consideration. We hold collaboration and personal interaction in high regard.

Good work

  • is accessible.

  • is engaging.

  • conveys value and meaning.

  • takes time and effort.

  • needs collaboration.

Personally involved

Working with a small team makes our work laser focused. We have a passion for great design and technology and can't rest until we get things right.

Gijs Martens strikes up a conversation amicably, but beware of this friendly design guru. He's an ice cold decision-maker regarding design choices, always finding a prefect balance between beautiful and functional.

Joep de Bruijn has a busy mind which makes him a good benchmark for clear and accessible design. Call him lazy or efficient, if any interaction takes more effort than strictly necessary, he will get visibly distressed.

Tim Hereijgers is the relative old-timer at Tijgerbrood and therefore knows what hard work entails. Comes in habitually late, but compensates for this quirk by being the first one to leave.

  • Gijs on a horse
  • Joep on a horse
  • Tim on a horse