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Tijgerbrood is a tight-knit team of three good listeners and creative thinkers.

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We help your organisation shape, reform, refine and shine. Big or small. Online and offline.

  • Gijs Martens
  • Tim Hereijgers
  • Joep de Bruijn


Good work arises from being aware of who you are and where you want to go.


We love to get involved early to carefully map out your goals and obstacles. We define a clear objective with a strong core to explore new creative opportunities.

Branding concept

We thrive on ambitious ideas and bold plans. As keen listeners, we reduce your story to one core value that you and your audience can relate to. A guiding principle that sets the direction for all future choices.

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Carefully tailored products that suit your brand and build trust.

Brand identity

We build distinct identities full of character. Recognisable, clear, and expressing your unique voice to create a meaningful emotional connection with your audience.

Design systems

What are your brands defining factors? How are these values conveyed through design and tone of voice? Tijgerbrood delivers a comprehensive online platform outlining the rules and applications of your brand so your brand remains recognisable and consistent.

Graphic design

Good design is functional, accessible and recognisable. To make sure your brand shines we treat these values like gospel. Our designs are striking, engaging and if it fits, preferably challenging.

Motion graphics

We make your visual identity come to life with functional motion and interaction design.

  • Gijs Martens
  • Tim Hereijgers
  • Joep de Bruijn


Custom websites that are fast, accessible and built to last.

Custom Wordpress CMS

Wordpress is a great platform that unfortunately often gets bogged down by bulky plug-and-play plugins and themes. Tijgerbrood excels at building fast and scalable Wordpress websites that are easy to use for both visitors and content managers. From frontend to backend; our Wordpress sites are always handcrafted.

A greener web

The web has a growing environmental impact and is rapidly consuming more and more electricity. At Tijgerbrood we design and develop energy-efficient websites hosted on green servers. Sustainable, future-proof and fast.

UX design

Our app and web design focusses on responsive interaction on all devices. To laser focus our efforts, we make choices early on so we can serve your audience as best we can.

Web performance

People dislike confusing interfaces and slow pages. And so do search engines. Websites should be fast and accessible. We focus on building optimized, responsive sites that your audience will love using.

Security & support

We make sure your Wordpress installation is up to date and secure. Our maintenance plans include regular updates, backups, monitoring, malware scanning, audit logging and support.

Define, refine, elevate.

Simplicity and accessibility define our style. Impactful colors, shapes and typography surrounded by enough room to breathe. Legible, clear and straightforward, our designs stand out in distinct candor. All working together to deliver impactful connections.